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?Why one might want to travel to Shiraz
Some of the best and most famous ancient Iranian attractions are located near the city of Shiraz. Such as Persepolis, Pasargadae and the Tomb of Cyrus, palaces, castles, and cities from the Sassanid era, Naqsh-e Rustam, Naqsh-e Rajab. Some of the top Iranian monuments and architectures are also in this city. Such as Nasir-al-Molk Mosque, Vakil Bath, Atigh Jame’ Mosque, Qur’an Gate, Arg of Karim Khan. Some of the best and most beautiful Iranian gardens are in this city too. Such as Eram Garden, Qavam House, Delgosha Garden, Ghasr-e Dasht. Shiraz is one of the best cities in Iran for shopping, due to numerous, diverse, modern and traditional shopping malls. Shiraz is one of the most prominent cities in Iran. The tomb of some of the most famous Iranian poets is in this city. Such as Hafez, Saadi Shirazi, and Khwaju Kermani. One of the top five tourism cities in Iran. Shiraz is one of the best cities for Medical tourism. One of the most famous cities in Iran in the field of various trade, scientific and medical exhibitions.


Persepolis It is one of the most important historical and tourist attractions in Iran. Many people from around the world undertake a long journey to see the magnificence of Iran’s history. Persepolis is actually the ancient city of Iran, the capital of the glorious Achaemenian kings. It dates back to 518 BC. It is true that Darius I was the founder of this complex, but after him, his son Xerxes I and his grandson, Artaxerxes I each added to the complex and made it more magnificent than before. According to the historians, Alexander the Great burnt down Persepolis in 330 BC during the invasion of Persia. This Iranian monument is so important that in 1979 it was the first Iranian monument to be registered on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage

Pasargadae complex

The ancient Pasargadae complex is a monument from the Achaemenid period. It is located in a town by the same name in Fars province. Among the historical structures of this complex are the Pasargadae mosque, garden, and Gate. The public and exclusive Palaces, Solomon’s Prison, and Pasargad Caravanserai. But undoubtedly, the most prominent attraction is the tomb of Cyrus the Great. The Pasargadae complex was recorded as the fifth Iranian monument in the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2004 (with 100% of votes). The Pasargadae plain dates back to the Paleolithic Period, and it is located 130 kilometers north of Shiraz. Most likely, the great Cyrus himself had ordered the creation of this magnificent complex. Evidence such as a script in three languages (Elamite, Ancient Persian, and Akkadian) and the similarity in architecture to Persepolis reinforces this possibility. The ancient city of Pasargadae was the first capital of the Achaemenid Empire

Vakil Mosque

Vakil Mosque Though the entire mosque has a beautiful design, the three magnificent arcs are a force of nature: the arc at the entrance door, the pearl-shaped arc and the arc located at the entrance of the basement. These are one of a kind. The magnificent decorations of this mosque include stunning tiling, 48 pillars, and an integrated marble pulpit. At first glance, you will notice the architecture and design of the mosque, a complex that shows the tangible harmony between worldly beauties and religious culture of the people of that time. The mosque is based on the traditional architecture used a long time ago. The simplicity of the images and architectural lines used in making this mosque is also admirable, and the use of Iranian colors and arts on walls and sections has created a fantastic collection of art. Going over to Khwaju Kermani’s burial place is one of the things you can do when you visit the city. The garden around Qur’an Gate is quite beautiful. Drink tea, eat ice cream and famous flavors of Faloodeh

Arg of Karim Khan In the center of Shiraz Iran and north-east of Shohada Square, a huge building attracts attention. It is a valuable monument from the Zand dynasty. It is distinguished from other parts of the city with long walls and tall towers. An enclosed building built with a variety of mixtures from old architecture applied in Iran. The trench around the building indicates the high security and importance of the complex. The interesting thing about the towers is that one of them was like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In the following, we will get a more detailed look at the various sections of this complex​​​​​​​

Arg of Karim Khan

Tomb of Saadi Burial place of one of the greatest poets in Iran, a place which has a world-renowned reputation. The surroundings of the tomb are built in such a way as to create a special atmosphere for you. To visit this tomb you have to travel to Shiraz, and in this city, you can go see other famous attractions as well

Tomb of Saadi

Tomb of Hafez The burial place of one of Iran’s great poets. The pleasant atmosphere of this tomb can bring you peace. In addition to Hafez, other mystics and famous poets are also buried in this place​​​​​​​

Tomb of Hafez

Eram Garden One of nine Iranian gardens named in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the province of Fars, and maybe even the whole country. It attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists​​​​​​​

Eram Garden

Nasir-on-Molk Mosque One of the most diverse mosques in Iran. It is famous for colored glasses. The tiles used in this mosque are unique in their kind. The use of the pink colored tiles has made the place spectacular. It is for the same reason that it’s been dubbed the pink mosque

Nasir-on-Molk Mosque

Vakil Bath One of the features of the old bathrooms was that people did not consider them the only place for washing, there were other uses for such places. The bathroom was a place for people to gather and hold a ceremony such as a baby shower or gossip and girl talk and other traditions. The old bathrooms have several sections. Vakil Bath is no exception, it includes a variety of sections, including the two main sheds, hot baths, and numerous service areas. In the following, we will get acquainted with these sections

Vakil Bath

Qur’an Gate is spectacular at night because of its colorful illuminations

Qur’an Gate

Atigh Jame’ Mosque The oldest mosque in Shiraz in Iran. The first religious core in the city of Shiraz. The stone inscription contained in it is a valuable example of the art of calligraphy. It is in the vicinity of Shah Cheragh mosque

Atigh Jame’ Mosque

Shah Cheragh The interior of the shrine is decorated with mirror tiles. Created by applying a colorful and artistic variety of beautiful Persian and Arabic lines. The structure consists of a front porch and a widespread shrine behind it. Located on the four sides of the shrine are four royal rooms. A mosque has been built behind the shrine. The Zarih is located under the dome and is made of silver

Shah Cheragh