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               I am Abolfazl Abbaszadeh from Iran, living in a beautiful city with the culture of Shiraz that is one of the great and tourist cities of Iran
I like Iran travel and tourism and I'm proud to announce your host and guide in this beautiful city to travel with a safe and safe imagination in Shiraz and enjoy historical sights and beautiful landscapes and gardens in the city and add a golden leaf to your memories
All of our efforts are for welfare, comfort and enjoyment of your stay in Shiraz
We hope to be a good host for you
In the hope of your next visit to Iran and the beautiful city of Shiraz, the cradle of Pars civilization


From discovering poetry in the city of poets itself to walking through 2,500-year-old ruins of a fallen empire, these are just some of the best things to do in Shiraz. For over 2000 years, Shiraz has been known as the epicenter of Persian civilization. It was the capital of Iran during the Zand dynasty (AD 1747-79) and arguably the most important city in the medieval Islamic world. It’s little wonder then that the capital of the Fars Province is one of the most popular destinations in Iran.To experience Persian history more fully you’ll need to venture outside Shiraz and visit Persepolis. A glorious city-palace complex designed to showcase the wealth and power of the Persian Empire. Its existence has been documented over 2,500 years ago! You can visit during any season due to its mild climate, but if you want to experience all that Shiraz is famous for, travel in spring. You’ll get the pleasure of enjoying the strong smell of jasmine in the air, nightingales and orange blossom tea​​​​​​​

How To Travel To Shiraz – Transport Options

There are four different ways to travel to Shiraz – plane, bus, train and taxi. Depending on your time and budget, we’d recommend flying or taking the train
The bus network connects Shiraz with all the major destinations in Iran, and you can buy tickets either through your hotel, at a travel agency, or directly at one of the stations. Karandish Bus Terminal is the main one
Trains also join up with Tehran, Esfahan, Mashad and Ahvaz, and are a much nicer way to travel, although they can often take up to twice as long. Book well in advance if you want to ride the train
By far the best way to get into and out of Shiraz is via the international airport. With connections to all destinations in Iran, as well as to places like Istanbul in Turkey, it’s a great place to either start or end your trip to Iran
Our tip is wait to book your domestic plane tickets in the country if possible. Locals have access to Iranian booking websites that are a fraction of the price of the main ones foreigners get abroad
Shiraz is famous for a fair amount of things in the world. First for its long history and important role in the Persian empire with Persepolis as its capital. Second, for its wine! …Yes, wine! Shiraz used to be Iran’s wine capital and known for producing the
finest wine in the Middle East. None of that anymore
Shiraz is the land of Poets. …and No! poetry is not a thing of the past when it comes to Iranians. You will find that the average life of an Iranian is deeply connected with poetry and they show a great amount of respect toward their poets. Turns out, some of the world’s famous Iranian poets like Hafez and Sa’di were from Shiraz and by visiting their tombs you’d realize how dear they are to the Iranian heart. The people of Shiraz are known amongst Iranians for being laid back and avid picnic fans. Give a Shirazi some grass and he’ll be using it for a picnic​​​​​​​
Shiraz has way too much to see. A good 3-4 days is a must when planning your visit, especially if you’re considering a day trip to Persepolis​​​​​​​