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A Hong Kong flight has been delayed and has been cancelled after a passenger had to wait in a metal baggage claim area to collect her belongings.

The flight, which was scheduled to leave Hong Kong on Wednesday, was due to take off from Taipei on Friday.

Passengers were told the airline would be rescheduling the flight on Saturday but the delays have forced passengers to take the flight instead.

The airline said in a statement: “The flight was delayed by the passenger having to wait for an airport attendant to collect the bags she had previously purchased at the baggage claim.

This was due in part to the passenger’s long flight journey to and from Hongkong and the airport being closed due to the typhoon.”

The Hong Kong Airlines spokeswoman said the delay would have been reduced if the flight had not been delayed.

“However, due to some unexpected circumstances we were forced to cancel the flight and issue an apology to our customers,” the spokeswoman said.

A spokeswoman for China Airlines said the plane had been delayed because of weather and the passenger had not had enough time to get on board.

The spokeswoman added that there were no additional flights on the ground scheduled to depart from Taipo airport on Thursday.

Taipei, capital of China, is facing a typhoon and heavy rainfall, with the typhoons now moving northwards and into the region.

It is forecast to pass through the South China Sea early next week.

China’s National Meteorological Center said on Saturday that it would not classify the typhoid as a major typhoon.

As well as Hong Kong, Taiwan is also facing a major storm.