How to use Google and Yelp to find a local restaurant online

By Amit Agarwal, The TimesOfIndiaAkshay Thakur, an associate professor at the Institute of Social Sciences, is a digital marketing expert at the University of Waterloo.

He’s used Google’s search function to help find restaurants in India.

Thakurba is an expert in the use of social media tools to connect with people.

He says it’s possible to search through the Google Maps or the Yelp search service to find restaurants nearby.

Google and its search engine are also able to offer users a way to add restaurants to their Favorites.

“They’re not really going to tell you what you should do with those,” Thakuria said.

“They’re going to give you a list of suggestions.”

Thakuria is an associate director at the Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, a Toronto-based think tank that is studying how to increase the availability of affordable dining options in India, a country of more than 11 billion people.

It has partnered with the Indian government to study the topic.

While Google is the leading search engine for the Indian market, the Indian Tourism Board has also been looking at ways to increase demand for cheap restaurants.

Its latest study, called the Indian Restaurant Industry Index, found that the demand for affordable dining in India has grown by a third.

The index, which takes into account the availability, quality and cost of restaurant options in the country, measures the share of Indian restaurants with diners across the board.

It’s one of the most comprehensive data sets available.

It’s one more step that will give the industry an incentive to work with local governments and provide better food and service to the community.

The index shows that a majority of Indian Restaurants in the last three years have been offering a range of options including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well as catering to a range, from small restaurants to mid-size ones.

When the survey was released in February, the country ranked 13th in the world for food service quality, ahead of France and the United States.

Tharakur says there are many factors that influence the quality of a restaurant.

For instance, India has a poor air quality.

India also has a very poor food safety system.

And, because of its mountainous terrain, many of the restaurants are not equipped with refrigerators, which can make them susceptible to freezing.

Thakur said he’s also been impressed by the fact that many of his Indian Restaurances are being owned by family members.

He said they’re also not using cheap equipment.

In addition to the survey, the Tourism Board is conducting a pilot project to improve the quality and accessibility of Indian food and the country’s Michelin-starred restaurants.

It plans to add more restaurants to the list as the number of new restaurants grows.

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