Why the US travel credit card program could be worth $1.4bn, a US travel analyst says

The US travel industry is in trouble, and it has no alternative but to compete with other countries. 

“If the US were to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, I think that would be a huge blow to the travel industry,” said Andrew Cuneo, senior analyst at travel company PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“We see the same thing happening in Europe with the withdrawal of all of the EU countries from the Paris Agreement.

I don’t think anyone would be able to make up the difference.” 

While there is no immediate threat of the US pulling out of Paris, the US could be forced to rethink its own travel credit cards.

“The US government is very sensitive about the impact that a US withdrawal would have on its credit card customers and, if it does, it could put in place an insurance program or another way to manage that risk,” Mr Cuneos said.

“If you are going to be outside of the agreement, you need to have a plan in place for it to work.” 

The travel industry has been hit hard by the Paris agreement and its implications on the US credit card industry.

In January, Visa stopped selling cards to American citizens in the US and Europe, a move that affected about a quarter of US cardholders. 

In February, US travel agency Pricewaterhouses research firm Pricewaterhead estimated that the US has about $6 billion in annual revenue from international travel.

Since January, US cardholder accounts at American Express have been hit by a 2 per cent loss of sales in the first half of the year.

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