How to avoid traveling to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Portugal on international flights

The United States and most European countries on the continent have imposed travel restrictions and imposed restrictions on international travel.

Here are a few things to keep in mind: The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal are the three most affected countries.

In the U.S., a number of airlines are already suspending their international flights.

If you plan to travel to one of the affected countries, you can check on airfare prices by going to

Some airlines have announced their travel plans to the U, so you should check with your airline or flight agent before booking.

In France, flights are also suspended in the region.

In Germany, the country is the third most affected, with airlines suspending operations to Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

France is not yet on the list.

If France is added to the list, it will be the first country to do so.

If a French carrier suspends international flights to the United Kingdom and the U., it will likely be the next to suspend flights to Portugal, Spain and Italy.

The United Arab Emirates and Turkey have also suspended international flights in the past.

The list of countries impacted in the U can be found here.

Travel restrictions have not yet been imposed in Italy, Spain or Portugal, but if you do plan to visit these countries, it is advisable to check on their airfares.

Some airports in the country, such as San Sebastian and Genoa, are also on the blacklist.

For other countries, visit their official websites for more information.

To see if your country is on the U list, visit