Kerala’s tourism department advises tourists to stay away from the region

Kerala, the home of the world’s largest coconut and sugar plantations, is facing an outbreak of the coronavirus, the state tourism department has advised its tourists.

The Kerala Tourism Department on Monday said that the Kerala Tourism Act, which bans visitors from Kerala and Kerala Pradesh from traveling to any place where the death rate exceeds 25 per cent, had been revised in light of the outbreak.

The ministry said that if the death rates in the four states exceed 25 per one lakh people, they would have to apply for permission to travel to any other place.

The department has also said that those tourists who are already abroad can apply for a tourist visa.

“We have also issued a travel advisory for visitors in the two states.

The advice for tourists in the Kerala and the Kerala Pradesh is to take precautions to avoid the coronavectavirus,” a ministry official said.

Kerala’s tourism minister has urged people to be vigilant while visiting the state.

The minister had earlier said that a tourist should not be afraid to go to any area, especially when it was a holiday.