Alaska Travel Advisory: Be Prepared for Traveling in the Far North

In an unusual move, Alaska officials are warning travelers about traveling in the far north, where temperatures often soar above freezing.

The state is looking to warn travelers of the risk of frostbite from the cold temperatures and heavy snowfall that can occur in the wintertime.

In the event that the forecast is good, Alaska Governor Bill Walker said Thursday that he’s recommending travelers avoid traveling in Alaska.

In the event the forecast remains poor, Walker said he’s also recommending that travelers stay at home and not travel far from their homes in the event of a freeze.

The forecast for the northern region is poor.

It could be below -4 degrees and it could be above 4 degrees by Monday, according to a statement from Alaska’s Department of Transportation.

Walker said the forecast for Wednesday is likely to be below-average, but he warned that it could still be dangerous.

The National Weather Service has predicted temperatures of -12 degrees by Friday.

Walker said the weather could get worse by Monday because of the winter storm, and that people should avoid the far northern areas until the forecast has improved.