New airline ban takes aim at airlines that refuse to carry travelers with US citizenship

Travel and leisure company JetBlue has suspended the use of its travel banking services in the United States until a federal ban is lifted.

JetBlue says it’s also temporarily suspending all travel to the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as flights to Puerto Rico and Cuba.

The company says the decision will allow it to focus on “critical business, business travel, and the health of our customers.”

It says the ban is aimed at preventing terrorism, and that JetBlue will work closely with the government on implementing the order.

“JetBlue does not accept any travelers who do not have a valid visa or a valid passport from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia,” JetBlue says in a statement.

“We will continue to closely monitor this ban and the effect it has on our operations.

We will continue our efforts to protect our customers from visa and passport fraud and will continue working with our U.S. and international partners to mitigate the impact on our customers.

We continue to believe this is the right and lawful course of action.”

JetBlue did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Polygon.