How to set up a small business in the US with no internet connection

Posted by TechCrunch on Monday, September 13, 2018 06:15:17The US is known for having one of the best internet access rates in the world.

But, the fact that so many people in the country rely on it to make their travel plans and save money on airfare, hotel, and more is starting to make some people uneasy.

To help those folks, Airbnb has launched an international travel funds page to allow anyone in the United States to send their US$50,000 in travel funds to other people, who will then be able to send them money to fund their trip to their home country.

As of right now, the page only allows a small number of people to sign up, but Airbnb says that the company is looking to expand the program.

The company, which has a $30 billion valuation, recently launched a mobile app called Airbnb Connect that allows people to send money to each other, allowing them to send more money in the future.

And since it’s a mobile-first company, it will have to be able help people in their home countries too.