How to get around Sydney Airport, via public transport

Travel advice and tips for getting around Sydney airport and the surrounding suburbs via public transportation.

The advice is from travel site Travelex.

Sydney Airport is one of the busiest in the country, with more than 15 million people daily using the airport, which opened in December 2001.

It is also the home of Sydney’s only major international airport, the Sydney Airport Link, which is home to more than 2.5 million people a year.

You can also take the SkyTrain or train into Sydney Airport from anywhere in the city, as the Sydney SkyTrain operates between the airport and other parts of the city.

You will need to get off the airport train before going through security, however, as it is not permitted on the platforms.

You may need to carry your passport with you.

You’ll need to board the Skytrain at the airport before entering the airport.

There is no bus service to or from the airport to or beyond.

If you are coming from outside the city or suburbs, you may need a bus ticket to get to and from the terminal.

Travelex advises to book a ticket online, although some airport terminals do offer this service.

The ticket is valid for one hour, although the terminal staff may issue you with a longer ticket, so do check with them before booking.

Traveller’s World recommends booking a taxi or UberX ride to the airport or for overnight accommodation in Sydney.

There are three taxi companies offering free shuttle services to and around the airport; they are Greyhound, AirTran, and T2 Transport.

There also are private taxis for hire at the terminal and at a variety of hotels in the CBD.

Travellers should note that many hotels will charge a fee to park a car outside the airport terminals.

There may be limited parking available in some of the terminals, so check the hotel website for more information.

A few airports offer free public transport to and through the city and suburbs, although this service varies.

If it is your first time at the Sydney airport, it is recommended to get the airport map as soon as possible.

There will be bus routes that run from the terminals to the rest of the airport in the morning and afternoon, and also to other areas of the CBD and outer suburbs.

This is a good way to get from the city to the suburbs without having to travel via the airport itself.

Travelling to Sydney Airport and the suburbs with your kids Travelling with your children is a great way to experience the city without the crowds.

You don’t need to pack too much, as you’ll find plenty of places to spend time.

For example, you can stay with your young children and have a barbecue or play with them.

Travelex advises to plan ahead to ensure your child’s safety, and that they are comfortable.

You should check with the local community to make sure the public transport is safe and well-maintained.

Traveles to the city with children should also check the CityLink program to see if there are public transport options available for children to visit the city as well as the community, including parks, sports centres and shopping.

You are encouraged to share your favourite memories of Sydney with your child.

Travellin’ on the move: How to find the best public transport and bus service in Sydney Airport Travelex has a list of public transport, bus and train services that will take you to Sydney airport or the CBD from anywhere.

To find out which of these is best, you’ll need a valid travel document and a mobile phone or GPS.

Check with your local council to find out if there is a public transport option.

Travex has a guide to finding the best airport, train and bus services to, and from, the city of Sydney.

Travely has a travel guide to the CBD that shows where to go and how to get there.

Traveylink has a free guide to Sydney to help you plan your journey to and back from the CBD to your home.

The Airport Link train service connects to the Airport Link to Sydney’s north.

Travelink has an article on how to plan your trip around the CBD, as well.

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