How to avoid a cruise cruise-trailer crash on Florida’s coast

A cruise-ship crash near the Florida Keys has led to a lockdown of beaches and shuttered many tourist destinations.

The Associated Press reports a crew member of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has died after a crash off the coast of St. Petersburg.

The ship, which was sailing through the Keys, ran aground on Friday night near the beach resort of Key West.

The cause of the crash has not been determined.

The ship is one of five ships to hit the Keys in the past week.

The first was a Carnival cruise ship that sank in June in a massive oil spill in the Keys.

The cruise ship has since been repaired.

The latest cruise-trading ship crash occurred in the Caribbean Sea off the Dominican Republic.

A cargo ship collided with another vessel and sank on Sunday, killing 23 people, including 12 crew members.

The accident happened off the island of Dominica.