Alyssa Milano on Hawaii: ‘There’s nothing I could say that I wouldn’t have done’

Hawaii has its own travel industry, but for a number of reasons, its also the one place in the world that’s going to be hardest hit by climate change.

Alyssah Milano, a travel writer and blogger, recently spoke with The New Yorker’s Rachel Maddow about her journey to Hawaii, and how the island state is going to look like if climate change continues to worsen.

When we arrived, the only thing I could see was a huge glacier.

And I was wondering, Why are there no glaciers in Hawaii?

The first thing that I saw on the island was this huge sea wall that was like, 300 feet high.

And when you look at that and you look up at it, you realize it’s really, really, huge.

And you think, Wow, this is so massive.

Then I saw a big island that’s like, 100 miles away, where the water was, like, like 20 feet higher than the water that we were sitting on.

And then I saw this little island where you can walk over to it, and it’s not even a river, but it’s like a river and a big bay.

And so I’m like, What the hell?

I don’t know what the hell is going on.

So I walked down to this little bay.

It’s a little bay that has a lighthouse that looks like a boat in the water.

And as I was walking down to it and walking over to the lighthouse, I realized it’s the island of Hawaii.

And it’s a very small island.

And there are a lot of other islands.

There’s like eight.

And every one of them has a different name.

So it’s hard to tell.

And I thought about it, this could be a pretty cool thing to look at.

I didn’t have a car, so I walked up and down.

And the water is just really, super, super shallow, and the lighthouse is actually really, very old.

And all of the other islands are, like the islands, like really small, really flat.

And on this one island, there’s like 10,000 people living here.

And at night, the water looks like it’s going into the ocean.

And if I could walk around that, I’d be able to see it, like see all of these little islands, and they’d all be like, Oh my god, you’re going to see these little boats that are just so huge.

But I’m not sure what I would do, what I could do.

I’m just going to keep walking.

I think that’s kind of my plan right now.

You know, the most important thing I’m doing right now is trying to get the kids out of school.

And for a lot people, it’s kind, like I said, it can be pretty overwhelming.

I can’t get the energy to do anything.

I have to do this for a living.

And that’s just a little crazy.

And people are just going, No, it would be amazing to have that much energy.

So, you know, it is really hard to get out of bed at night.

So I just want to get a little bit more sleep, get some sleep.

I want to just get to the point where I can go back to work.

And right now, I’m in the process of, you are going to have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to do.

I’ll try and get a book, and I’m trying to be creative.

And in terms of the energy, I think there are ways to do it that I haven’t even thought of.

But I can definitely tell you that I’m getting a little more energy to try and go back and work, but the hardest thing for me is getting the kids to get to school, and then get them to school and get them back to school.

So that’s the hardest part for me.

We’re not going to get as much energy from the ocean in terms for a while, so that’s a challenge.

The best thing that you can do is just be a bit more mindful of your energy.

And just make sure you’re eating the right things.

And remember to drink water.