‘Bachelor’ winner Ben Higgins is not allowed to travel abroad after being denied entry

Ben Higgins’ new reality TV show Bachelor in Paradise is officially off the air after he was denied entry to France following a travel ban on the country, the French tourism ministry said on Tuesday.

According to the ministry, Mr Higgins was barred from leaving France following the January 1, 2017, decision to suspend his visa, citing his “disruptive and provocative” behaviour during filming.

In the wake of his suspension, Mr Mr Higgins had been invited to France for the premiere of the new season of the show.

According a statement issued by the ministry on Tuesday, Mr Chen, a member of the French elite, was asked to meet with Mr Higgins at the airport in Paris.

“At the end of his meeting with Mr Chen the representative of the tourism ministry stated that he had determined that Mr Higgins is no longer eligible for a travel visa,” the ministry said.

“Mr Higgins has now been given a further six months to fulfil his obligations.”

Mr Higgins was one of two French actors who were invited to Paris for the launch of the first episode of the series, which will air on Wednesday.

French television channel Canal Plus, which produces the show, said on Twitter that the producers had received a formal invitation to Mr Higgins’ upcoming show.

“This invitation is for the first time, to the premiere and filming of ‘Bachelorette’ on Canal Plus,” the channel tweeted.ABC/wires