‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ has the potential to be a hit on Blu-ray, says author Ian McDonald

The Chronicles of the Narnian Chronicles is the latest release from Ian McDonald, author of The Last Unicorn.

It was published on Friday, March 13.

Read more: The Last Unicorns is set in a world where magic and science are a myth, and where the human race has only just begun to reach the stars.

In The Chronicles, the characters are all human, but each is a part of a race called the Theodinians.

Theodins were created by the gods of the cosmos and are known for their incredible abilities.

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It comes after a long wait, with the film being delayed a total of five years.

The first footage of the film was shown in December 2017, but it was delayed until March.

The Chronicles is now set to hit Blu-Ray and DVD in 2019.