Travel vans will arrive in the US in May, but you may need a visa

New Zealanders have long been dreaming of travelling overseas.

That’s exactly what some are hoping for, as new vans are set to arrive in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Read moreRead moreAustralia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Singapore will become the first two new destinations in the new year.

The vans will be made by TravelVans Australia, which was founded by former travel company manager Paul Wiebe, and will be used for both domestic and international travel.

“They’re really going to help people make more money overseas,” Wiebbe told the Herald.

“For some people, it’s going to be a better financial environment to make more travel money, but it’s also going to make it easier for people to get around and get around safely.”

Australia’s foreign investment rules allow foreign companies to set up their own subsidiaries, and the new vans will allow them to sell their products overseas and bring them back home.

They are also expected to make use of existing transport infrastructure, such as taxi services.

The Australian Government will provide $4.5 million to expand the network, and more than 500 new vans, which will be manufactured in Australia.