Cruise ship cruise bans to take effect in U.S.

Cruise ship operators are expected to begin banning passengers from the United States after President Donald Trump ordered a nationwide travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries and temporarily halted the entry of refugees into the country.

The order, issued early Friday morning, caps a week of turmoil for the United State after Trump announced the new policy and ordered a temporary halt on all refugee admissions and the entry to the country of individuals from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya and Somalia.

On Friday, the White House said the ban will go into effect “within 45 days of receipt of the President’s Executive Order.”

The ban includes travellers from Iran, Iraq, Iraq and Syria, as well as travelers from countries with high rates of terrorism or other serious threats.

“These restrictions are designed to prevent individuals from entering the United Kingdom and Ireland, which together have more than 4.5 million people of North African, Middle Eastern and African descent,” the White, House said in a statement.

Cars from a number of countries have been blocked from entering U.K. airports and have been halted at airports across Europe, including Berlin, Brussels, London and Paris.

Other countries affected include Turkey, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and Libya.

Travel Channel Sweepstakes winner,, announced the winners of a contest on Friday to be held on the website.

The sweepstakes will give one winner an exclusive travel-type hotel to stay at a participating cruise ship and other perks.

The winners will be contacted by travel-category sweepstakes winner and receive a confirmation email on May 15.

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Alyssa Zalubowski, who has won the Travel Channel Sweepeps, told ABC News on Friday that she is excited to share the winners with her family.

Zalubovsky said she was inspired to enter the Travel-Channel Sweepeps after hearing about the travel ban from a friend.

My travel-blogging friend sent me the travel-scare stories about people being detained in airports and being denied entry to their countries.

I decided I would do something about it, so I started my own travel-categories sweepstakes.

She told ABC’s Good Morning America that she would be able to enter any U..

S.-bound cruise ship.

After winning the Travel and Vacation category, Zaluabowski will travel to Florida and Miami, Florida.

ABC News’ Andrew Reynolds contributed to this report.