When to leave your car in Canada’s car park

When you’re driving around Toronto, make sure you have a vehicle with a parking brake.

You don’t want to be in the situation where you have to pull your car over to check for the parking brake, says a Toronto travel advisory.

In fact, the city’s travel advisory recommends that you keep your car off the street and parked at the end of the street in a parking garage or garage at least 15 metres from any building or intersection.

If you’re parked on the street, park near the curb and don’t drive up to the curb to check, the advisory says.

If you are in a carpool, park close to the side of the vehicle, and don´t park on the curb, the Toronto travel guide says.

If your car is parked on a sidewalk, park in a handicap space or in a safe place, the travel advisory says, adding that it´s important to park in front of a gas or electric meter so you don’t get fined.

You should also consider using the “park brake” option if you don´tt have a parking pass or if you´re using the vehicle to transport someone.

The Toronto travel advisories warn that if you park your car and it´ll be covered in snow, it could affect your trip.

You should also check your vehicle’s odometer, the guide says, to make sure it doesn´t have any outstanding odometer charges.

When you arrive at your destination, park your vehicle and put the vehicle in a garage.

It should be at least 5 metres from a building or entrance, or about 30 metres from the edge of a curb.

You can use a parking permit if you have one.

But if you do not have one, you should still use the parking service and donât use the vehicle for the purpose of parking.