When you’re tattooed, you get a chance to get in the spotlight

A few years ago, an older woman got tattooed on her upper arm.

It was a bold choice on her part to get her first tattoo and to do so on a major sporting event.

“It was really bold, it was a big deal,” said Tami Jones, a tattoo artist in Washington, D.C. “I’ve seen so many older women get tattoos.”

Jones said she thinks that the tattoos she has done over the years have inspired people to take action and help others.

“When I was younger, I was the only one who went out in public and got tattoos,” Jones said.

“You had to wear a lot of makeup and you had to dress in an outfit.

Nowadays, I think people are more accepting.

Tattoos are an option for a lot more people.”

While the younger generation has been a big draw for tattoo artists, Jones said that the younger generations have also been more accepting of tattoos and that she believes it is the younger people that are driving change.

“We’re all so young and so different.

I think that younger generations are taking a little bit more of an interest in them, and I think it’s just the people who are younger who are making that change happen,” Jones explained.

Jones has tattooed a few hundred people over the past few years and has also been a tattooist in Washington D.F. and New York.

In Washington D: the tattoo is now part of the tattoo parlor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“I don’t think tattoos are going anywhere, I just think that they are more a part of our culture, and they are a part that is important for us as individuals and as families,” Jones continued.

“They are so beautiful, and so important for people to see.”