Which of these states have the most travelers season 5?

Travel restrictions have been imposed across the country in an effort to help fight the Zika virus, and travel to the continental United States has already begun to increase again.

According to a report from the Associated Press, travelers to Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and South Carolina have all been affected by the travel restrictions.

While Georgia has seen a dramatic uptick in travel, Ohio and Pennsylvania are still seeing significant increases in travelers as of this morning.

Ohio is seeing an increase of roughly 10% while Pennsylvania is seeing a 9% increase.

Georgia is seeing 10% more travelers than before, according to the report.

The travel restrictions in these states are likely to be in place through Sunday.

Georgia and Ohio are the only states where travelers are reporting the number of travelers to be up.

While the number in Georgia and Ohio is still well below the level seen in January, the travel ban has been lifted in all of these areas.

The increase in travelers is not just occurring in these two states, but in the rest of the country as well.

The AP report notes that Georgia is also seeing more travelers through mid-March than it was in January.

Travel to Georgia has increased by almost 25% in the last month.

Ohio has seen an increase in the number, and Pennsylvania by almost 30%.

Travel restrictions in the state have not yet been lifted, however.

Georgia has reported that travelers have made a number of trips since January.

Georgia saw nearly 300,000 people board its flights last week, up from only 200,000 the previous week.

Ohio saw an increase, but not as much as Georgia, at an estimated increase of around 20% compared to January.

Ohio saw a slightly more than 1% increase in passengers on its flights in the month of March compared to the month before.

Pennsylvania reported an increase at roughly a 5% rate compared to last month, which may have been a result of a new statewide campaign that had been instituted by the governor in April.

The campaign has focused on boosting the state’s tourism industry, particularly during the Zika pandemic.

Ohio’s new campaign, which began in mid-April, has already seen a substantial increase in tourism since it started.

Ohio officials said that the increase in visits is a result, in part, of the governor’s focus on reducing air travel to Florida.

Pennsylvania’s campaign has also seen an uptick in tourism, but has been hampered by the state not having the same number of flights.

Pennsylvanians who have been affected are not alone.

Several other states have reported an uptick since January, with travel restrictions imposed in Georgia, Florida, Texas, and New Mexico.

Travel restrictions also remain in place in Alabama, Louisiana, Louisiana and Tennessee, with Texas reporting the largest increase in January compared to previous months.