CBS: ‘The Amazing Race’ returns in 2018, CBS will stream it on CBS Sports Network

CBS announced Wednesday that it will stream a new episode of the popular television series The Amazing Race, which was a hit on cable networks.

The episode, titled “The Last Race,” will premiere on CBS on April 23.

“This is a new and exciting chapter for The Amazing Races.

We’re thrilled to bring The Last Race back to CBS Sports,” said Jennifer Bell, president of CBS Sports Networks.

“This is the first season of The Amazing Racers we’ve ever brought back and we’re thrilled with the response we’ve received from our fans, including the overwhelming number of new fans for this season of the show.

We look forward to building on the success of this incredible series with new episodes in 2018.”

The episode will be available to watch on CBS and on the CBS Sports app.

The new series was the most-watched TV series of the year and was nominated for three Emmys, including for Outstanding Reality Television Program.